I will stand with you.

Being a part of another person’s transformation is the most amazing and fulfilling work I have ever done. I discovered my passion for coaching in 2009, when I began my own personal growth journey and became a facilitator for a personal growth workshop. I went from fighting to be me, to giving myself radical permission to be my highest, most unapologetic self! I was literally locked in a closet as a child for having strong emotions… I am willing to bet that you can relate to the experience of being told your feelings were invalid or that you weren’t good enough.

In 2016-17, I was faced with 2 separate, unimaginable threats to my children’s lives. Both times I felt like my world was crumbling. I felt a helplessness. I began questioning and doubting myself. What had I done wrong? How did this happen? Quickly, I decided to do something. I dug deep and summoned every tool I had ever learned.  

The key, I discovered was functioning from a place of empowerment and love. I learned to trust myself in ways I never had before. Then, more than I ever, I had to become the best version of myself. I discovered so much about life and parenting. I found that I had the ability to focus intensely during challenging times, see a clear path, make tough decisions and take action to find a way through. In the worst of times, I rediscovered and reclaimed my best self, my inner power.
As your coach I stand with you and I innately see the best qualities in you. I quickly detect the areas where you are downplaying your gifts. Your greatness lies in the things that come easy to you and I will help you see it. Your feelings are where your passions and deeper guidance live. 

If you are disconnected from those emotions, then you are also disconnected from the real you; the person with purpose, vision and vitality. Stop flying under the “under the radar”. You are an extraordinary human being and it is time to acknowledge and honor what is special about you so you can live life to the fullest and expand into your limitless potential. Live as your best self, true to yourself and watch your life transform in every area!  I see your greatness!

I believe in you from the start and help you step into your personal power so you can live true to yourself. We work together as coach and client to form an alliance, a relationship, to enable your transformation. Together we can rediscover your inner child and all the excitement and knowing that is there! Together, we can rediscover your dreams and reclaim a life you will love!
Overcoming my own childhood trauma, surviving divorce, navigating multiple career changes, many years as a solo parent, being a triathlete, and traveling the world have given me an expansive and comprehensive understanding of so many aspects of life.…
I am empathic with the ability to sense your immense potential. Together we will discover ways you can be fearless, even in the midst of seeming chaos and overwhelming circumstances.  


Certified Professional CoActive Coach, Coaches Training Institute, San Mateo, CA
BA Liberal Arts, Spanish, Arizona State University
La Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Cat is one of those coaches who can just see - and then say - what's been waiting there all along.